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We bring you the taste and class of Turkish style straight to your home! Give your home the luxurious ambiance it deserves!


If you have been looking for different, outstanding pieces of home deco, you can rest assured that we have you covered! Your tea sets and coasters don’t have to look drab and common any longer; at Ankyra Home, you will find something unique and chic that is not easy to spot anywhere else.


As a matter of fact, you will be thrilled to learn that our deco items are entirely handcrafted. This means that we pay keen attention to the entire body of lamps and bowls we sell to you. Forget about the machine-embroidered home deco merchandise that has flooded the market; our stuff are handmade to ensure top-notch quality is maintained.


Moreover, we invoke unique creativity and exotic class with every stroke of the brush that we use to hand-paint our items.


No doubt, if you have a soft spot for Ottoman style, you will find our merchandise to be hard to resist. And there is a lot to choose from; from coasters, bowls and tea sets to lamps and plates, you will certainly find an item or two that tickle your fancy!


To make things even better, our deco items are worthy both for their beauty as well as their functionalities! For instance, our salad bowl will liven up your dinner table just as well as it will hold your fruit serving!

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Ankyra Home offers authentically Turkish home decor!


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