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At BUTT!TUDE, we’re all about getting your butt to look and feel the best it can with our sheet masks for your bum, made from all-natural, FDA-approved ingredients, designed to smooth, hydrate and detoxify your skin, leaving you not only glowing on the outside, but also radiating confidence from within!

Why butt masks? The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle on the body and, some might say, often the most neglected. We’re here to change that and show your booty some much-deserved love!

We spend all of our days either sitting on our backsides at work or activating those muscles while walking around. Our bottoms are constantly subjected to friction from our clothes and the surfaces we are seated on. As such, the skin elasticity gets worn down, becomes irritated, feels rough and lacks lustre.

We say: it’s to be kind to your behind! Because that ass is class.

BUTT!TUDE is offering 10% on their best products!


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