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Designs By Maria Farrukh is a fashion house creating Boho Fusion Fashion since 2011. The Creative Designer Maria Farrukh started the entrepreneurial journey as a small boutique of contemporary silk kaftans and fusion wears in Singapore.

Our fashion studio is based in Pakistan where Unique designs and patterns are hand crafted with sustainable fabrics and eco friendly dyes.The product that reaches our clientele is of quality with brand consciousness.

The brand is indispensable for those who will settle for nothing less than international standards of quality and stitching detail in their fusion wear.The design team labours over every detail of their creations, employing intricate hand-stitching as well as other classic and modern techniques.The brand has an eye on international fashion and its heart in real, accessible clothes that not only look beautiful, but also make the wearer feel confident and radiant.


Everything is designed in our studios is timeless and beautiful season after season.

Designs By Maria Farrukh is offering 30% on their best products!


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