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Plastic straw, as a form of plastic waste, has a very minute size and it is very easily out of consideration when it comes to recycling. Even the plastic straw is being inputted into the recycling process, mechanical sorting would have problem in sorting the straw because of the small size and light weight of the product (approx. 0.42g per straw). It is estimated in 2018 that there are average 1.6 straws used per person per day in the USA. It is, however, very difficult for plastic straws not to be present in our food culture and behaviour.


Our brand, Green Straw HK, does not guarantee using grass straws are the best solution to the ongoing plastic straws and their alternative issues. However, we believe as the technology advance, there will be a perfect solution, but it would not be today. Dried grass drinking straw would provide a convenient, single-use, remain intact in drink and compostable option for the time being.



Information about the grass used to make the straw:

Lepironia Articulata is the biological name of the grass used in the making the dried grass drinking straw. The grass traditionally is used for weaving mats, hats, containers and baskets.The grass grows in alkaline water in the Mekong Delta region. The plant is currently used to make into drinking straw because of its cylindrical structure and easy to harvest by hand. Growing this plant not just improve the income of local farmers, the grass is also habitat with Sarus Crane. Planting this grass also helps provide a shelter for the birds and preserve the natural ecosystem.

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